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Education   Business   Non-Profit Consultation & Advising

EdConsult, LLC is a consultation and advising firm that offers intelligent and cost-effective solutions designed to suit your needs. We provide services to businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Our clients include  businesses (small, medium and large), schools (public, charter & private), as well as non-profit organizations and religious institutions.

EdConsult: Assess, Align, Achieve

Our Services

Our Servuces
K-12  Education  Services

We offer quality K-12 services including but not limited to principal & teacher coaching, executive searches, CMO searches, independent management transitions, teacher recruitment and leadership development.

We also provide services in the areas of federal program compliance, pupil accounting, budgeting, benefits consulting, consolidated application & grant writing and parent engagement.

Professional Development

We offer quality high-quality, researched-based professional development that focuses on best practices, in an online environment for K-12 Educators. We offer Teacher Courses, School Counseling Courses, Principal Courses and School Leadership Courses. All courses can be taken online or in a blended learning format. 

Business Sector Professional Development

We offer quality professional development options for both for-profit and non-profit businesses and organizations. Through our Leaders Essentials program, we offer courses in the areas of Organizational Leadership, Business Management, Sales Management, and Retail & Sales. All courses can be taken online or in a blended learning format. 

Instructional Coaching

We offer quality instructional coaching services. From general coaching to content area coaching, we work alongside classroom teachers to improve practice. Using our proven protocols, our coaches help teachers improve student achievement. Our coaching services are available both in person and virtually. Our coaches engage in power walk through's, coaching feedback meetings, co-teaching and in-class demonstrations. 

Data Analysis & Automation

We offer quality data analysis and automation services. Are you paying staff to engage in error-prone, tedious, boring, time consuming tasks? If I told you that many or your routine reporting and data analysis projects that usually take days and hours could be completed in a matter of minutes, would I have your attention? Well look no further!

Advertising & Marketing

We offer quality advertising, marketing, website development and branding services for your school, business or non-profit organization. From the development and printing of marketing collateral to the creation of advertisements for television, radio, print, online or social media, the creation of high quality websites we can get your message out to your intended audience in a targeted way based on market research.

Website Development

We offer quality website design services. Our web developers will guide you through the entire process from site mapping to the design and architecture phase to testing and the final launch. If you have a tight budget and need a website that looks great and is functional or if you need a fully customized site that is very robust with tons of functionality, we can help!

Strategic Planning

We offer a quality strategic leadership program for both for-profit and non-profit businesses and organizations. Through our Leaders Essentials program, the program is offered in a retreat format that includes one 2 day retreat and four 1 day retreats. Organizations rely on their people to be excellent decision-makers, problem-solvers, innovators, motivators and strategic partners. We can help!

Organizational Assessment

We offer quality organizational assessments. An organizational assessment (OA) can be defined as a systematic process for obtaining valid information about the performance of an organization and the factors that affect performance.  It is conducted in order to demonstrate areas of competence, areas for improvement, and possible risks and to help support investment and restructuring decisions.

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