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Data Analysis and Automation

Data Analysis & Automation

We offer quality data analysis and automation services. Are you paying staff to engage in error-prone, tedious, boring, time consuming tasks? If I told you that many or your routine reporting and data analysis projects that usually take days and hours could be completed in a matter of minutes, would I have your attention? Well look no further!

  • Individual NWEA progress reports emailed to all parents 

  • Data visualization

  • Reporting on multiple sites

  • Educator evaluation calculations

  • 3rd Grade Reading Law - Individualized Reading Intervention Plan (IRIP) form generation (pre-populated with student data)

  • CRDC data analysis

  • Attendance and discipline reports

  • Early-warning system (e-mailing many teachers customized reports)

  • REP bulk uploads

  • Efficient distribution of files via email or shared folders


Every student leaving your district costs thousands of dollars. Some districts respond by offering new and unique services and programs. Others are not sure what to do.


But what if school districts tackled this problem using the most modern methods?


What if districts could leverage advances in data science to determine a probability, per student, of leaving the district?


Not only could the district follow-up with "probably leaving" students, but it could also examine what such students have in common (i.e. the need for a specific kind of program or support).


In addition, the process of running such algorithms also generates a list of areas to address as a bi-product (the most important predictors of students leaving).


Such methods are available and ready for use. They only require sufficient data and often pay for themselves many times over.

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