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Strategic Planning

We offer a quality strategic leadership program for both for-profit and non-profit businesses and organizations. Through our Leaders Essentials program, the program is offered in a retreat format that includes one 2 day retreat and four 1 day retreats. 


Management at all levels has a profound impact on the performance of an organization, affecting productivity and growth, profitability, and employee retention. Organizations rely on their people to be excellent decision-makers, problem-solvers, innovators, motivators and strategic partners.

Many managers and unit leaders have a wealth of experience at handling day-to-day workplace issues but need extra skills and insights to prepare them for the next level of business leadership. This 6-9 month program provides the theories, strategies and practices required to master these high-level business leadership skills and take learners to the next level of competency. The courses in this program are written at the level of a Master's degree program and are appropriate for managers or supervisors transitioning to a leadership role and for current organization leaders to enhance their existing skills and add to their personal skills inventory.

This Leadership and Management Development Program focuses on 5 themes:

  1. Leadership & Change - Leadership in the context of today's changing business environment

  2. Personal Effectiveness - How to become more effective as an individual in the corporate context.

  3. Corporate Effectiveness - Focusing on how corporations utilize their human resources to become more effective and productive

  4. Strategic Planning - The importance of strategic thinking and action in the corporate setting with a practical application of the strategic planning process.

  5. Personal Strategic Planning - Introduction of personal strategic planning and how it fits into the overall corporate strategic plan.

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