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Why Choose EdConsult?

01. Niche Expertise

Our expertise lies in strengthening three kinds of organizations: education organizations (districts, charters, CMO's, authorizors), small businesses and nonprofits. We’re consulting specialists rather than generalists, focusing our strengths to do a highly effective job for a very specific group of clients.

02. Flexibility To Serve You Better

We employ a small core staff of senior-level consultants, and draw from our pool of subject matter experts when their expertise can help us serve you better. The result? A highly nimble, more efficient approach to giving you the services you need, when you need them.

03. Decades of Collective Experience

Our associates and subject matter experts have over 105 years of combined experience in both the education, business and non-profit sectors. The team members have held a variety of positions that include but are not limited to Superintendent, Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources Director, Chief Operating Officer, Technology Director, VP of Sales & Marketing, CEO, Corporate Lawyer, Teacher, Certified Public Accountant, Franchisee, Principal, School Board Member, Director Parent Engagement, Pupil Account and Athletic Director. As a result, we are able to consult in a wide range of areas in the named sectors.

04. Personal Service

Personal service from senior-level consultants. You appreciate it when deadlines are met, phone calls are returned and your challenges are given in-depth, out-of-the-box thinking. While a large firm may assign your business to junior-level people, we’re small enough to offer very personal service from senior-level consultants.

05. Assess, Align, Achieve

At EdConsult, we employ the Assess, Align, Achieve approach. It’s a fundamental yet highly effective process that helps our clients realize clarity and success. First, we assess your current state in terms of strengths and opportunities. From there, we align your people, processes and priorities to a strategy. In doing so, we achieve your goals, your objectives and your desired outcome.

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